Positioning the “Out” Animation with “WAIT” #

Learn how to control when OUT animations play. #

In most cases you can reposition an animation strip simply by clicking and dragging the strip in question.

However, in the case of the Out animation things are a little different because it is locked at the very end of the track [?] by default.

The way you can tell if an Out animation is locked in place is if you see a small flag with the word WAIT inside it to the left of the animation strip:

To unlock the position of an Out animation, toggle the small arrow symbol to the right of the track’s name. When you do this you will see the WAIT flag disappear:

You are now free to click and drag the animation strip to wherever you’d like the Out animation to commence.

Note: The WAIT flag is unrelated to the “Wait for Action” toggle found in the animation Basics panel.

Up Next: Additional Animation Strips #

So far you have learned about the two default animations: IN and OUT

On the next page of the manual you’ll learn how to create additional animations on a layer, known as TO animations.

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