4 Templates Overview

Templates Quick Summary

Slider Revolution comes with a library of premade modules called "templates" that can get you started fast.

Let’s start with a look at what “template” means, in the context of Slider Revolution, from our Definitions section:


A “Template” is a premade module [?] . It has pre-configured layers [?] already in place.

It is designed to be ready for use, either as is or after being modified in the module editor [?] .

Slider Revolution comes with several templates you can use, or alternatively you can create your own templates, thereby allowing you to easily reuse modules you have produced.

Examples of some of the module templates that come with Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution’s template library includes pre-made modules for all kinds of content, from sliders to carousels to complete websites.

When you use a template to kick-start your content creation you have everything you need already in place, with pre-placed and pre-designed layers such as text, images, videos and so on, with animations already applied.

After creating a new module using a template as a base you can modify any part of that module as you need. You can also save any module you have created, or modified, as a reusable template of your own.

Templates vs Modules from Scratch

When should you start a module from a template vs. creating a module from scratch?

As a general rule work with templates when:

Create modules from scratch when:

Up Next: A Closer Look

Now that we’ve completed our rapid fire overview and you have a solid grasp on the core concepts underpinning Slider Revolution we’re ready to start looking at things in greater detail in our next section A Closer Look.

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