3 Changing Spinners

Switching and Coloring Spinners a.k.a. Pre-loaders

Configuring your module's pre-load animation

Sometimes a module [?] might have a significant enough file size that it needs a second or two to load before it’s ready to fully display. For that reason every module has a small pre-loader animation, referred to in Slider Revolution [?] as a “spinner”, that plays right at the beginning.

This ensures a visitor will never be looking at an empty space wondering what’s going on. Usually modules load so fast you barely see the spinner, but nonetheless it’s always there just in case.

Slider Revolution comes with 16 different spinners built in, and you can choose any one, as well as the color it should be, in order to best match the design style of your module.

Configuring Spinner Options

To access the options for spinners go to the Module General Options tab, then the Spinners sub-section.

Here you’ll find two configuration settings, Spinner and Spinner Color, and a preview of your spinner animation below them:

The Spinner option allows you to switch to a different animation. Click the dropdown list and choose a different number, then you will see a different animation playing in the preview:

The Spinner Color option will apply any color of your choice to the spinner option. Click the #color-value shown in the Spinner Color field to open the color picker dialogue box. As you try out different colors you will see the spinner preview update in real time, allowing you to get the color just right before you close the color picker box:

Once you’ve made your changes to the spinner options the best way to see how it looks in your design is to click Save and then Preview your module.

Coming Next: Using Pre-made Content

So far in the manual our focus has been on working with template [?] based modules, learning all the skills necessary to edit them. In the next section were going to move onto creating our own modules, however instead of building them from scratch we will again take advantage of the large library of ready-made content that comes with Slider Revolution.

To begin with, we’ll have a quick overview of how it’s possible to make new modules using pre-made content such as slides, layers, text, buttons and styles.

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