Top 10 Outstanding Shopify Blog Apps That You Must Know

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Top 10 Outstanding Shopify Blog Apps That You Must Know

Shopify blog apps are getting more and more attractive use. Different blog apps have different functions. So, if you are still very confused about which blog app you should use then you can see this article. We have tried to introduce you to all the top 10 Shopify blog apps so that it will be easy for you to find your choosable one. Let’s start:

1. BlogFeeder ‑ Blog Importer

To keep customers and have more new customers, any Shopify store needs to empower its store with the BlogFeeder app. This application is extremely famous for its exceptional features. For example, one of the best features of this application is the enhancement of web content in the same domain by importing an external blog.


Thus, it improves the conversions and SEO of your Shopify store. In particular, your products will display perfectly on all e-commerce platforms such as Facebook, Medium, and WordPress. In addition, you can choose the designs you want to customize in your store. The BlogFeeder application is an effective solution to bring more visitors who will be your potential customers to your store.

Outstanding Features

  • Automatic update of blog content
  • Improve SEO and conversions through an advanced editor
  • Enter the URL that customers can easily find
  • Import multiple feeds at high speed
  • Increase search ranking

Price: $ 9.99 / month. 7-day free trial.

2. Blog Posts Related to Digital Darts

Related Blog Posts is one of the most powerful apps that helps you quickly and easily suggest visitors when they come to your store. More and more customers will be drawn to the content on your Shopify blog.


Therefore, this application also boosts your SEO and creates more quality internal links to satisfy more customers. Additionally, customizable tools will help users design their own stores to display their products in an attractive way. Or you can even change the size or color of the text displayed in related articles. Additionally, store owners can exclude posts by using a specific tag. Last but not least, the Related Blog Posts app is freely installed and one of the best for Shopify blogging.

Outstanding Features

  • Suggest to readers with related products
  • Build the internal links
  • Include specific tags
  • Customize featured images and texts
  • Show dashboards

Price: Free

3. Linkcious for Blogs

Linkcious For Blogs is a useful multi-store app in the Shopify marketplace. This Shopify blog app helps store owners easily set up on different websites like WordPress, Tumblr, Drupal. In addition, thanks to the Linkcious application, users can maximize interaction with the store and SEO by improving the content of blog posts.


In addition, using this application, you can show your products on other devices with the best features. This Linkcious also helps you display recommended related products based on the context of your page. In particular, the internal links of the site that are so essential for your SEO will be built automatically easily. Last but not least.

Outstanding Features

  • Provide a powerful recommendation engine
  • Enable the work of all sites like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Blogspot, etc.
  • Customize text easily and beautifully
  • Improve SEO through outbound links
  • Provide social buttons

Price: Starting at $ 0 / month

4. Blog Studio by ShopPad inc.

Based on the best technology, Blog Studio is one of the most effective Shopify blog apps for any store owner, easy to design beautiful stores, and with more interactions with customers in a few simple steps. By increasing the quality of your blog content, your visitors will be more attracted to your blog articles.


Also, with Set tags, authors, meta descriptions, you can maximize your sales as well as your SEO. All articles can be designed to look their best by this Blog Studio application that allows you to choose from hundreds of built-in components. Especially, customers can leave comments on the Shopify blog, so that users can improve customer satisfaction with a powerful advanced editor.

Outstanding Features

  • Allows drag and drop blog articles
  • Make marketing easier with the quality content blog
  • Share the unique story
  • Configure labels, marks
  • Fully responsive and mobile ready

Price: $ 8.99 / month. 14-day free trial.

5. Pro Blogger by Low Fruit Solutions Pty Ltd

Developed by one of the best app providers for the Shopify store, the Pro Blogger app will be your effective solution to increase the quality of your store blogs as well as SEO. The Blogger Pro, with its featured features, helps contextualize related articles and products. In addition, this application also automatically builds internal site links that increase the SEO of your stores.


In addition, it allows users to display all their products in a responsive slider, which catches their attention and makes them buy more and more. In particular, this application is an incredible tool for users to post their messages on multiple social networks such as Pinterest. Finally, there is a step for store owners to install it for free and easy.

Outstanding Features

  • Show related items and products
  • Customize the article author using shortcodes
  • The caption of the blog images with the best impression
  • Provide advanced customization
  • One-click installation

Price: $ 5.99 / month. 10-day free trial.

6. Related Products and Blogs from Zestard Technologies Pvt Ltd

Related Products and Blogs show applicable products from your store in Shopify blog posts. You can display the applicable blog posts from your store for your Shopify product.


This Shopify blog app is fully customizable, quick, and short to install. You can improve search engine optimization and internal location linking by syncing articles and blog posts. Products and blog posts are the keys to running a blog application to buy the most of your article content, keep your browsers running, and ultimately convert readers into buyers. Associated products and weblog entries are the right applications for stores with current blogs or current products for stores, who are looking to start a listing in the form of a slider. By using this application, you can keep your visitors engaged with your blog.

So with the support of Related Products and Blogs, you can increase your sales and improve your store a lot.

Outstanding Features

  • Get visitors to engage on your Blog
  • Can be displayed as a full-width slide with other looks
  • Either adjust automatically or displayed in a response slider
  • You can take advantage of your blog post
  • Support for subtitling the images of your blog posts

Price: $ 7.99 / month, 7-day free trial.

7. BlogCollab by Turntech Software, inc.

BlogCollab will work without difficulty, the chat together with your collaborator can set the context of your article.

This app avoids miscommunication and the need to search for what was discussed in your emails. A log is stored so you can easily tune into conversations in your lower back. We all recognize how essential movies are to delivering rich and engaging content material to your target audience.


The editor allows you to paste the embed code from YouTube, and you also see the result itself. The built-in keyword density device allows you to display your article to ensure that the most important keywords are within the correct number of instances for further search engine optimization. It is the perfect device to get input from writers and visitors from bloggers,

All you need to do is send them a generated hyperlink so that we can immediately have your content material accepted.

Outstanding Features

  • Help publish the article faster
  • You can update content in real-time
  • Provide instant messaging
  • Embed YouTube videos into your products
  • Provide keyword density tool

Price: $ 1.99 / month, 14-day free trial.

8. Landab’s Ez Video Blog

Ez Video Blog makes the content of your store more quality and professional.

You will have product movies that offer you a one more ranking threat. Furthermore, studies suggest that Google favors and prioritizes sites with a video that once again having product movies that will provide you with a greater chance of ranking in search engines like Google and Yahoo!


Furthermore, people are also more willing to click on a video thumbnail than something with no visible details or multimedia. The number of time users spends watching videos on the web continues to increase. Watching a video requires little effort compared to parsing long product descriptions and posts. Video allows you to have an interaction with a target audience that can put aside the statistics that in any other case it would carry out through textual content.

This application will help you gain more traffic thanks to the beautiful HD videos of your products. Download it to improve your store.

Outstanding Features

  • Save time creating content
  • Help you gain more traffic
  • Support to improve your SEO
  • Provide beautiful HD videos of your products
  • You can customize the music of your videos

Price: $ 9.99 / month, 03-day free trial.

9. Blog Linker by Sean Dawson

The Shopify app Blog Linker is a must for any Shopify store that wants to improve its store SEO and conversation with its customers. By generating a small code snippet, this application allows users to create blog articles to capture more customer attention.


In addition, the Shopify store allows being promoted with different tools such as the reply function, the control panel, etc. Also, to drive traffic, you need to create hyperlinks for users to connect products to blog articles. Especially, it is easy for them to create the same tags to increase users with the best context. Last but not least, the Blog Linker is completely free and easy to install and use.

Outstanding Features

  • Boost sales with promotional items
  • Create hyperlinks between products and blog posts
  • Install the app with one step
  • Customize the store with different designs
  • Collect customer feedback

Price: $ 10 per month. 30-day free trial.

10. Instablog ‑ Auto Post To Blog

If you find an app with no code, you should try the Instablog app. InstaBlog app no ​​longer uploads or alters any of your current codes.

Your store, like any commercial business owner, is a precious child to watch that day. With that said, this app made a positive that the Instablog app seamlessly integrated into your Shopify store.


Actually, no coding is required. So you just have to click the “Get” button, and you are good to go. Just take a seat and put your feet up as you go through the setup. You can guide clients with first-class while assisting them to give them the feeling of being a first-class provider with our great team of guides.

This app is currently working with new features. They focus on creating and coding the application, let us know if something is missing, and we can complete it.

Outstanding Features

  • It can save you time and money
  • Can improve search ranking
  • Be able to install the snapshot
  • I don’t need any code
  • Support customers with first class

Price: $ 2.99 / month, 15-day free trial.

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How shopidevs.com is rated Shopify blog apps list

These 11 blog apps for Shopify are rated based on the following criteria:

  • The Shopify App Store Rankings
  • The app’s rank in search engines
  • Prices and features
  • The reputation of the application provider
  • Social media metrics like Facebook, Twitter, and Google +


Hopefully, you have enjoyed this article. You can select your preferable app either it is paid or free. There are surely some other very good Shopify blog apps, but we have selected the best ones by doing a survey on Shopify experts. If you have some other choice or you think that some other blog apps should have included then please feel free to inform us. You can send us an email or give a comment in the comment box.

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