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Guidelines for Guest Blogging

We are happy to hear that you are interested in contributing guest blog articles to ShopDevs. It is good to see that our platform has got your attention, and we are excited about the prospect of working with you. We believe that this partnership will be a fruitful one, bringing mutual benefits to both of us. Thank you for considering this opportunity to collaborate with us.

ShopiDevs is a sister concern of SmartDataSoft. It is founded by expert programmers and designers who are creative, smart, and experienced in the field of eCommerce.

We started blogging to connect better with our customers and help them with useful information about business and e-commerce. We take our blogging seriously, investing in high-quality articles that we post regularly.

We have certain rules for guest blog posts on our website as each blog site has its own style and audience. You can find these rules in our Guest Blogging Guidelines, which explain how to submit a post that meets our standards.

What kind of posts do we publish on our blog?

We accept all kinds of blog posts, whether it’s a case study, a how-to guide, or your personal opinion. As long as your post is well-written, supported by data, and relevant to our website’s main topics of business and e-commerce, we are happy to publish it. So, feel free to submit any type of blog post that you think would be useful and informative for our readers.

The topic that your blog posts will cover:

Our blog mainly focuses on business and e-commerce topics since we are a company that sells services to users on e-commerce platforms. Thus, your guest post should also relate to these themes.

To help you choose a relevant topic, consider what would interest our readers, who are primarily Shopify merchants. Some potential ideas include “Shopify,” “E-commerce,” “Business trends,” and “Online customer trends.”

Remember, there are countless articles covering the same topics, so strive to make your post unique and original. This will increase your chances of being accepted and published on our website.

Important pre-submission notes for your posts

  • Before writing, ensure we haven’t covered your topic
  • Send the main topic idea, and targeted keyword.
  • Share three of your article with us.

Requirements of the Guest Posts:

  1. We only accept original content. Don’t republish posts on your own blog, or on social media.
  2. Write in a friendly tone with clear language, varied sentence lengths, and proper grammar. Provide valuable insights to your readers.
  3. Structure your article well with an introduction, headings, bullet points, and a conclusion. Keep paragraphs short and credit your sources.
  4. Avoid advertising content and be consistent with our blog style. Try to keep post titles and provide at least 3 options. Try to keep word at least 1000 words.
  5. Use high-quality visuals and link to quality sources. You can include a link to your own website naturally.
  6. Submit your post via Google Docs and wait for our response.


  • We can’t guarantee that we’ll publish your guest article even if we agree on the topic. We reserve the right to reject posts that don’t meet our standards.
  • We may suggest improvements to your post if necessary. We’re happy to help!
  • Please allow up to two weeks for a response from us. Thank you for your patience.

Are you ready?

Send us an email: [email protected]

We would appreciate it if you could offer us a guest blog post on your platform as well.

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