How much does it cost to hire a Shopify expert in 2024?

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How much does it cost to hire a Shopify expert?

How much does it cost to hire a Shopify expert? This question comes to almost every Shopify store owner’s mind at least once in their lifetime. When an entrepreneur goes for investment for their eCommerce store, he needs to carefully consider all the possible expenses as developing an eCommerce store is not that cheap. If you are thinking of hiring a Shopify expert and want to know about the cost of hiring a Shopify developer for your project, you must read this article.

Shopify has become the most popular platform for any eCommerce website because of its advantages. Shopify provides one-stop solutions for entrepreneurs to build their eCommerce sites with less effort and time. This platform is highly recommended for first-time entrepreneurs as it has an easy interface and a high level of flexibility. Although you can manage the majority of essential management, you may need the help of an expert at some points of setting up your store.

Let’s see how much does it cost to hire a Shopify expert

The cost of hiring a Shopify expert may vary based on multiple factors such as experience level and the type of store you want. First, identify the features, functionalities, and sections you want in your store. The more parameters you need for your eCommerce store, the higher charge you have to pay to the expert. Secondly, the type of Shopify expert you want for your project.

When you hire an expert who has years of experience and has completed some big Shopify stores, he will charge a higher price than those who have less experience and no previous achievement. Here, you can see the difference in the cost of hiring a Shopify expert. It is up to you what kind of expert you need to complete your project. I suggest you consider your project’s requirements before hiring an expert. You should not hire a very experienced one by spending a lot of money on a simple project.

You may have to spend around $500 to hire a Shopify expert for developing an eCommerce store completely. You can hire an expert hourly as low as $5-$10 for a small store. You can also pay you based on the overall project that may cost $100 to $250. For developing a medium-sized quality website, you may have to pay $300 to $600. Hiring an expert to develop a large-scale Shopify store may cost $700 to $1000.

To develop such a large site, I recommend you go for an expert who has previous work experience building similar sites. It is crucial to know why you need to hire a Shopify expert before even asking yourself “how much does it cost to hire a Shopify expert?”


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Why should you hire a Shopify expert?

Shopify can be considered as an easy-to-manage platform that has all the essential tools to help a person build and grow an eCommerce store. Sometimes people cannot utilize these features because of less expertise. It is true that you cannot build an ideal eCommerce store by yourself unless you have enough technical knowledge. That’s when you need to hire an expert.

 A Shopify expert has the knowledge of what works and what does not. He also knows the exact pain points of users as he has spent more time on Shopify. Therefore, he can craft the best solution for the users that solve their problems and make them delighted.

From designing your store to maintaining it, you will get all the professional support from an expert. He knows well how to distinguish your store from those of your competitors. This is the most important criteria for an eCommerce store to do better in this very competitive market.

Besides designing your website, you need to adopt proper SEO practices for your store. There is no way to attract organic traffic to your eCommerce website without adopting SEO technics. An expert will do all SEO parameters to increase your search engine visibility to bring success to your store. Therefore, you need to implement SEO practices while developing and designing your store to get the best outcome.  

You cannot deny the importance of user experience when you are running an eCommerce store. If you want to retain your customers and increase the conversion rate, you should emphasize ensuring a better user experience in your store. A Shopify expert can improve customer experience by fixing the issues and designing UI considering the customer’s behavior. 

Having an expert will save your time and effort so that you can give more time to your primary job as a businessman. When your website is in good hands, you will feel great relief. This allows you to use your fresh mind to develop new plans and strategies for your business. 

Some people launch their Shopify stores and get visitors but do not get expected results. Maybe the bouncing rate is high, or the number of abandoned carts is growing, etc. If you are not an expert, you may struggle to understand the problem. An expert can turn the situation in your favor and increase the conversion by fixing the problem. 

Considering these fantastic benefits mentioned above, you must hire a Shopify expert knowing the answer of “how much does it cost to hire a Shopify expert?” 

Now you have an idea about the cost of hiring an expert. The question “how much does it cost to hire a Shopify expert?” will not bother you anymore. Moreover, you have understood the benefits of having an expert to help you develop your store.

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