Which Shopify Cart Type is Suitable for Your Store: Page, Drawer or Modal? (2024)

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Which Shopify Cart Type is Suitable for Your Store: Page, Drawer or Modal?

What is Shopify cart type? If you have no idea about it, then this article will be a great resource for you. I will give you a detailed idea about Shopify cart types and explain each of them. You should know and explore the different types of Shopify carts so that you can understand which type of cart your customers like the most.

Each theme has different options when it comes to “cart type.” You will find this option under the theme settings. Moreover, there are apps for different types of carts in the Shopify app store. You can use them too. First, let me list down the Shopify cart types that you can use in your store.

Shopify Cart types

Cart page: A cart page refers to a static landing page that displays the summary of all the products you have added to the cart, the subtotal and total price of the products, and checkout options. Other information such as shipping information, VAT can also be shown on the page. It is really a great thing that helps customers to see and check all the added items before making the purchase. Just imagine how frustrating it would be if you had to purchase items one by one. A cart page eases the customers’ online shopping by showing all the necessary information on a single page.

Cart drawer: Card drawer displays the information on 25% of the screen. It’s a slide where your cart information will show. It offers customers to continue shopping while they can see the cart information on the cart drawer. Some people find the cart page boring so that they prefer to use the cart drawer. It is also good for a store owner as customers can stay on the product page and keep adding more products from the store. If you are planning to try to upsell & cross-sell, this cart drawer may be a better choice for you.

Modal cart: A modal cart is a pop-up in the middle of the page that shows the summary of added items and their prices. If you don’t want to use a full-page cart or a drawer, then a modal cart can be your choice. When customers add a product to the cart, it shows a pop-up cart rather than displaying the cart information in a drawer or redirecting to a cart page.

Mini cart: If you use the mini cart in your store, your customers can continue shopping without any intervention. They do not have to return to their shopping cart in the middle of shopping. When they hover over the cart icon, they will see a pop-up while showing the updated shopping cart information.

Inline cart: In the inline cart, when your customers add a product to their carts, they will see a short message below the “Add to cart” button. The message will notify them and give them options to pick whether they want to continue shopping or go for checkout.

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Why you should focus on Shopify cart type

You may think why it is important to consider the cart type as all cart types are used to fulfill the same purposes. However, all types of carts will help you fulfill the main purpose of check out. Each of them has some unique features that cause differences in your stores. It’s really something important that makes changes in customers’ shopping experience. No matter what cart type you will use, you should prioritize the customer’s experience rather than anything.

These are the common types of cart you will find in Shopify. You may not find all the cart types available in a single theme, but you can always go for using the app for a special type of cart.

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