How to Make Facebook ads for Shopify – The Ultimate Guide

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How To Make Facebook Ads For Shopify – The Ultimate Guide

Facebook plays an important role for many shops in eCommerce like Shopify, after all, the group accounts for 21% of the global digital advertising market. For Facebook, advertisements are a very lucrative business, which is also the reason why the prices for Facebook ads keep rising, which of course represents a greater burden for retailers. Do you know how to advertise Shopify on Facebook?

About the subject of Facebook ads for Shopify, maybe this question will be in your mind that how do you do that and how can Shopify Facebook Ads be used effectively, what should be considered when choosing a product and what do well-performing shops make? Let’s find out:

How do Facebook Ads Help Shopify?

In the beginning, there is of course the question of which products are offered for sale or whether the product that you want to sell will reach a broad masses. Maybe you are convinced of it yourself, but others see it differently? Or, you are not sure whether the product is convincing, but it is very well received by potential customers? This can be observed, for example, with completely new products that are not yet on the market. Sometimes they are perceived as excessively gadgets as nice toys, sometimes as innovative everyday helpers.

Facebook ads for Shopify can help to provide information about how a product is perceived. Then it is important to observe the interactions on social media. Is the product liked, shared, and commented on? The comments give you the opportunity to see what the strengths of the product are from the point of view of potential customers. Because subconsciously, they often mention the USPs of the product in their comments. Sharing, in particular, is a very good indicator of how good a product is. If it is shared often, those who share it are so convinced of the product that they recommend it to others.

What Costs do You Have to Expect?

You should calculate around $11.80-23.60 per day for Facebook ads for Shopify. The Facebook ads should run for a few days in order to have reliable information about whether the product is successful or not. However, it becomes clear that the costs are only relatively low. Because in itself $11.80-23.60 per day is not little; especially not if you are just starting out and have limited financial resources. But it is an effective method because if you have too many of them you won’t end up sitting on the products, but find that they don’t reach the masses or at least the target audience. As a retailer: you shouldn’t just rely on gut instinct.

The Product Presentation

Especially for new shops, it is not only important which products are available for purchase, but also how. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, because it depends very much on the products and the target group. Sometimes subtle colors and a minimalist design are more suitable, especially in the high-priced segment and for older target groups. And sometimes it wouldn’t hurt if everything was colorful and gaudy.

How the Online Shop should Look Like?

A look at other shops in your own niche or branch would help because you can recognize certain patterns and there is a reason for these patterns. Of course, you could get the idea of ​​doing something completely new and trying something unconventional, but especially at the beginning, it’s risky if you don’t have a customer base yet. If the concept goes wrong, the financial means for a new concept may not be available. In this respect, it would be good to first rely on the tried and tested and not enter into any experiments.


Big brands or shops are not well suited as role models or examples because they generate completely different customers in some cases and also use advertisements that are out of the question for the vast majority of Shopify retailers because the dimensions are completely different; such as TV spots or billboards in cities. As a result, brand awareness is completely different.

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Why Do You should Focus on a Specific Target Group?

If you try to appeal to everyone, you won’t end up with anyone. Because people are diverse, have different interests and priorities, and in certain cases prefer a different approach. In this respect, you should first focus on very specific topics or niches that may not reach the masses, but people who are particularly loyal to your shop and your brand. As long as they find what interests them there and are addressed by the brand, they will not pay attention to whether the shop is particularly large or whether the brand is particularly well known. Such niches often have an aura of exclusivity, which further strengthens customer loyalty.

The right Sales Strategy: 

Better Social Proof than Exaggerated Sales Psychology

There are numerous aspects of psychology that retailers use to encourage customers to buy something. And this applies not only to eCommerce but also to stationary retail and these aspects are also well known. The thing is, they are also known to customers. After all, there are not only various books for retailers who want to earn money with this strategy, but also numerous TV reports or articles that give consumers tips on how to expose this strategy. In this respect, consumers are now much more conscious of buying indoors than they may have been in the past. Of course, sales psychology is not bad or even illegitimate per se, but as a retailer you should: not overdo it, because it has a very bad effect on confidence.

Storytelling – Introduce Your Brand and Your Team

Especially at the beginning, when you are new to the market and the brand is therefore unknown, it pays to run ads that introduce the brand, the mission, and the team. On the one hand, potential customers see what the brand stands for, how and for what purpose it was founded and, on the other hand, this gives the brand a face because you can see the team behind it. That seems more sympathetic and serious than just betting directly on selling. Subsequently, the interested parties who have viewed these advertisements can be shown further advertisements so that they can then also become customers. The probability is then also higher because you have interacted with the brand beforehand by looking at the Shopify Facebook ads with the storytelling. In marketing, this is called retargeting.


The interactions in response to a product help you determine how a product is received and whether it is worth selling or not. Since Facebook, despite all legitimate criticism, is the largest social network, Facebook Ads for Shopify are a good choice. However, Shopify Facebook ads also charge a lot, the prices are relatively high and are rising more and more. Nevertheless, the investment would be worthwhile in order to make potential customers aware of the shop and the brand and to build up a customer base.

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