Blogging Vs Dropshipping: Best Considerable Factors (2024)

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Blogging Vs Dropshipping: Things You Must Know

Blogging vs Dropshipping? Which one should you do to achieve your goal? If you are confused about it and want to make the right decision, read the article thoroughly. In this post, we compare the pros and cons of both blogging and dropshipping and show you which is the best option for you.

Generally, blogging and dropshipping are two different ways to earn money online. If you are interested in eCommerce and want to make money online, you should consider both options. Even if you have not decided to do blogging or dropshipping, it’s the debate “blogging vs dropshipping” that inspires you to learn more about it, you should get a clear concept about both of these options.

What is blogging?

The blog or weblog refers to a piece of content published on the web. This content can be your thoughts, opinions, day-to-day happenings, solutions or answers to specific questions, etc. It’s an opportunity to engage with the audiences and increase conversion. Blogging is no more an individual thing as corporates are also blogging to strengthen their online presence.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping refers to one of the eCommerce models where you do not stock the product rather, when the sale happens, the products are shipped directly to the customers. This model is different from the standard retail business as the merchants do not keep the inventory by themselves. They act as a middleman and sell the manufacturers’ products.

Pros and cons of blogging vs dropshipping

Pros of blogging:

  1. Get organic visitors: There is no better way to get organic visitors than blogging. If you can write quality content for your targeted audiences, there is a great chance that you will get 100% organic traffic.
  2. Build audience base: When you share content frequently, you will have loyal visitors. That will help you to get a good number of repeated customers. Moreover, it is possible to get subscribers and make an email list from the visitors.
  3. Super flexible: Blogging is a flexible task to do. It does not require huge money to start blogging. You do not need to work 9 to 5 or in an office. One can even write blogs while traveling.
  4. Earn various ways: A blogger can earn in very different ways from the blog. It’s a lucrative advantage of blogging when you are considering the benefits of Blogging vs Dropshipping. Although many people only consider ads and affiliate programs are the income source for a blogger, there are many more options to adopt that ensure better income.

Cons of blogging:

  1. Long time process: You will need patience if you want to succeed in blogging, as it requires time to get results. Generally, you may have to wait months to rank your articles on google. As a result, many people start blogging but give up on this after some time.
  2. Require More effort: Content creation needs a lot of time and effort. From planning to make and publish your content, you need to stay on track.
  3. Finding a good niche: The main challenge of blogging is finding a good niche for your blog. If you fail to do so, you may work hard but end up getting no result.

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Pros of dropshipping

  1. Earn faster: Generally, if you set up your dropshipping business properly, you will get results much faster. Dropshipping businesses can be considered passive income. It does not require regular involvement and efforts like any other business. So, this is a great break point for Blogging vs Dropshipping.
  2. Require less capital: As the merchants do not keep the products in stock, it requires less capital to do the business.
  3. Easy to start and run: Starting a dropshipping business is much easier than a standard retail business. Especially if you use a platform like Shopify, you will be able to start and run your dropshipping business easily.

Cons of dropshipping

  1. Lack of control: As you are dependent on the suppliers, you can not enjoy the freedom of control. Many dropshipping store owners close their businesses because of this reason. They cannot control all the things they want. You may not even adopt a strategy if the suppliers do not agree with it.
  2. Handling customers: Handling customers is a difficult task for a dropship business owner. There are issues like refund, change, exchanges, and also miscommunication that can make you feel super stressed.
  3. Hard to get organic traffic: People start a dropshipping store but do not get enough traffic. Getting organic traffic in your dropshipping store is hard, and you should adopt SEO to get organic traffic.


Considering all the pros and cons of blogging vs dropshipping, it is really hard to say which one is better as each of them has unique possibilities. However, after getting all the information about these two things, one can decide which one will be a better option, considering their own goal.

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