10 Best Shopify Beauty Stores in 2024

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Best Shopify Beauty Stores

Are you searching for some most popular Shopify beauty stores? Don’t worry, we have a selection of the best Shopify beauty stores & Brand Designs in this article. Never objectively and constantly updated, therefore perfect for inspiration and as a template for your Beauty Store & Brand ideas with Shopify.

The global beauty industry is booming and has been for years. In 2021 alone, around 68 billion US dollars will be generated worldwide with cosmetic products in eCommerce. The correspondingly high requirements for shop performance and of course for high-quality presentation make Shopify the perfect platform for your beauty store. So, take a look for yourself and be inspired by our selection of the best Shopify Beauty Stores :


One of the newest members of our been clever family, but most of you are sure to have known it for a long time! The gitti Conscious Beauty Store really picked up speed with the pitch in the “Lions’ Den” at the latest. And that is a direction that we would love to go with!


A real alternative to traditional nail polishes with their ingredients, which are suspected of being seriously harmful to health. Everything on a natural basis, vegan and animal-free produced in France, your nails shine twice as beautiful.


Gummy Bears at the Shopify Beauty Stores! Yes, that’s gummy bears. More precisely it is called Bears with Benefits. Beauty food in the form of gummy bears for your skin, your hair, your body, and your radiance. With clinically proven effectiveness, 100% clean and natural.


“Because your beauty comes from within and starts with a smile on your face.” We have nothing to add to that – and you don’t speak with a full mouth anyway. So: “Let’s stay beautiful!”


Teeth whitening with your smartphone – in just 16 minutes. As a Shopify Partner, we naturally like technical solutions that simplify life and also produce ingenious results. Therefore, our enthusiasm for working with Smile Secret is not just nerdy in nature.


smile secret shopify stores

Because who doesn’t like a bright smile as if by magic? And the whole thing with organic coconut oil and activated charcoal, vegan and gentle on the teeth.


Make-up artist Bobbi Brown started her own lipsticks back in 1991 and is now selling her cosmetics worldwide through the Bobbi Brown cosmetics site. “Beauty doesn’t mean looking perfect. It’s about celebrating your individuality, ”is how the successful entrepreneur describes her motto.


“Makeup is a way for women to look and feel like themselves, only more beautiful and more confident.”

5. M * A * C

With more than 50 new collections every year and sales in more than 100 countries, M · A · C Cosmetics presents the whole challenge of an online beauty store. With virtual try-on, live chat with professional makeup artists for personal advice, and many other features that are offered worldwide.


This Shopify beauty store is also at the forefront of technology.


It doesn’t always have to be the private label. Mankind is fully committed to men’s cosmetics and with its consistent philosophy, which is reflected in a clear brand image, deserves a place in our list of the best Shopify beauty storesMankind feels obliged to spare the “man who is not afraid” about his appearance and “even less fear of showing it” to go to the department store as quickly as possible and to “deliver the right tools to get the job done ”.


The demands on the online shop and its navigation, as well as performance, are just as straightforward as this statement. Without a doubt, Shopify is the “tool to get the job done” here.

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A great shop and brand. Tarte proclaims “20 years cruelty-free” and has set the course since the company was founded. Always produced without “the bad stuff” such as mineral oil, phthalates, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, and whatever else you could think of in connection with cosmetics.


Additionally committed to providing support and assistance worldwide wherever production or cultivation takes place. “High-Performance Natural Beauty” – the motto for Tarte’s cosmetics also applies to the American brand’s Shopify store.


Mecca unites more than 150 global brands in this beautiful boutique. From makeup to skincare to perfumery. To map this inexhaustible selection and make it traceable is a real masterpiece.


mecca shopify beauty store

And all of this in a really nice Shopify Beauty Store. Mecca has made “Service like no other” its motto, and of course, the online shop has to do that too!


When Eugene Rimmel and his father founded Haus Rimmel in 1834, a beauty store was another story entirely. Perfumes were called vinegar, mascara was made with mercury, and marketing meant a stand at a fair.


rimmel shopify beauty stores

But Rimmel showed real pioneering spirit early on with the first non-toxic mascara, which has led the brand into successful eCommerce to this day. With innovative products and a passion that customers convey to the outside world.

10. OPI

As the world market leader in the professional nail care industry, OPI is known for particularly color-intensive and long-lasting nail polishes.



Currently available in over 100 countries thanks to an exceptional Shopify Beauty Store, OPI offers a full range of professional products for nail treatments, finishes, lotions, manicure/pedicure products, files, tools, and acrylic paints.

Enhance Your Shopify Beauty Store with Essential Grid Gallery and EasyDisplay: Product Showcase App

Looking to elevate your Shopify beauty store’s appeal and functionality? Look no further than Essential Grid Gallery and EasyDisplay: Product Showcase. These apps are designed to seamlessly integrate with your store, providing stunning visual displays and enticing features to captivate your audience

Essential Grid Gallery: Transform Your Visuals with Ease

  • Showcase your products, portfolio, or blog content with captivating photo galleries, video displays, and more.
  • Choose from a variety of grid styles, animations, and hover effects to create an engaging user experience.
  • Upload multiple photos effortlessly and arrange them to perfection with our intuitive interface.
  • Ensure compatibility with Shopify 2.0 online store themes for a seamless browsing experience across all devices.

EasyDisplay: Product Showcase: Elevate Your Product Presentations

easy display product showcase

  • Drive sales and engagement with dynamic product sliders featuring countdown timers, recommendations, and eye-catching designs.
  • Customize transition effects, speed, and display direction to match your brand’s aesthetic seamlessly.
  • Enhance user experience with direct “Add to Cart” buttons, SEO-friendly alt tags, and brand-matching color schemes.
  • Enjoy responsive product carousels that adapt flawlessly to desktops, tablets, and mobile devices for a consistent browsing experience.


Here we have tried to bring all the top 10 best Shopify beauty stores. Which Shopify Beauty Stores are your favorites? If you have any other choices feel free to notify us. We will try to add that one also.


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