4 Best Ways to Write Shopify Product Descriptions

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Best Ways To Write Shopify Product Descriptions

When we want to sell a product, it is very important to make a good description of the product. In any eCommerce business, the description is valuable. The product description is also a much-needed thing in Shopify. Here we will discuss some good ways to write Shopify product descriptions.

In any eCommerce product description, in addition to describing the product, and its most important components or characteristics, we must sell our products.

How do you hear it! A good description helps you sell more. Take advantage of the advantages of Shopify.

Ways to Make a Good Product Description

For the Ideal Buyer

Focus on who would be the ideal buyer. If you make a description for a very broad objective, in the end, it will be very bland and will not achieve the topics that really interest the product.

How can you do it? Simple, the main thing is that the same description asks questions and answers as if you were having a direct conversation with the client. Tell him informally how he differs from the competition. If all goes well, this sale is insured!

This example is great for you to understand the necessity of Shopify product descriptions:

LED Flashlight:

Do you know what’s wrong with normal flashlights? That it only comes in two colors: white or that yellowish-white that reminds us of the teeth of a great coffee drinker. What’s fun about having such a flashlight? The answer is NO FUN. Do you know what is fun?


Use the multi-color LED flashlight to cast a sick green glow on your face as you tell a zombie story around a campfire. Ah! But there is no campfire? Create it yourself fake with the orange Led light of your flashlight!

The Benefits of Shopify Product Description

If it is about eCommerce, all the products we sell are endowed with a special charm, which is what we must convey. The first thing you should know is that you also like the product, and so do your customers. Why will you know how to sell it in a way that encourages them to buy? As well as it is also useful in any Shopify products. Users also can use Shopify Product Descriptions that Sell to make the descriptions in an easy way.

To do this, make a description in which you explain the added value of each product and highlight the benefits of each feature.

Let’s explain it with an example of a gel for washing hands.

Sometimes the scent of seasonal hand washing is all we need to wake up our Christmas spirits. Available in a wide variety of festive fragrances, our naturally derived wash gel leaves your hands soft, clean, and ready to wear in a pair of silk gloves. It really is the most wonderful time of the year and you must show your hands as pretty as the holiday that it is.


The added value of this description is that it awakens the Christmas spirit.

Consider what is the most important benefit that solves some type of problem and make it known to your customer.

It’s about selling an experience!

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Use Superlatives Only When You can Justify It

Don’t use superlatives unless you firmly believe your product is better than another on the market. If you describe the product using superlatives, customers may want. The same as everyone says, your product is the best! But what if your product really is the best on the market? In this case, put the superlatives proudly and the outstanding points  Justifying why it is the best.

You will give the customer credibility and valid arguments to believe that it is the best product on the market.

The most advanced e-reader, with a high resolution. High contrast on the touch screen and 8-week internal battery life.

  •      The patented built-in light evenly illuminates the screen to provide the perfect reading experience in all lighting conditions.
  •      It has a 62% pixel brightness resolution.
  •      It has a 25% better contrast for dark and sharp text.
  •      Unused in sunlight yet, this Kindle allows you to read in perfect condition and view both text and images without glare.

The Importance of Imagination

It is proven that if a customer has a product in his hands, the chances are that he will cover it considerably.

But now, that there are more and more online stores and you have to know how to sell them and attract the attention of customers. You have to make them need that product.

A part of a good product description, the image that accompanies this description should be large and of good quality. If you have videos, you can also help make the best decision.

In this case, you have to let our target audience imagine how to own that product.

An example is the one in this description to sell a barbecue tool.

There is one person who is the hero of every family barbecue or grill and that is the Grill Master. We always watched our parents as we tended to the grill and looked forward to the day when we could be in charge of charring the roast beef and tasting delicious slices of fresh pineapple. Now that we are adults, it is finally our turn and technology has struck us, giving us a tool that is destined to impress. Do you want to try and be the hero of the grill? Is your moment.


The main thing is to attract attention and be original when describing a product. There are likely many like your product on the market, but every difference counts in increasing sales. Any buyer would like to see the facilities and functions of a product. Surely some good Shopify product descriptions can enlarge the business. Hope you have enjoyed this article. If you have any queries, please feel free to notify us,

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