A Quick Guide for Selling Services on Shopify (2024)

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A Quick Guide for Selling Services on Shopify

Can you sell a service on Shopify? If you are struggling to get the answer to this question and then this article is for you. Selling services on Shopify is possible, and you can generate a massive profit from your business. However, to run a business on Shopify and offer services to your customers, you need to know to have a clear idea regarding this issue. The good news is that today, I will share some proven tips on how to sell services on Shopify.

Shopify is a perfect eCommerce solution where you can sell physical goods, digital products, or services. You might have heard different misconceptions regarding selling services on Shopify, but these are not true! Instead, Shopify aims to introduce your business to the web so that you can get more customers, make sales and generate revenues.

Steps for selling services on Shopify


Step-1: Create a Shopify store

Whether you are planning to sell products or services, first, you must create a Shopify store. You may have already heard that setting up a Shopify store is easy and does not take more than 15 minutes. I suggest you spend a little time customizing your theme and optimizing your overall store before launching it. It is outstanding to take help from a Shopify developer to customize your store as you want. It would be best if you double-checked everything such as domain name, payment details, adding products, and so on. You can try The Essential Shopify Store Launch Checklist in 2021 to enjoy a great experience launching a Shopify store.


Step-2: Build a convincing homepage

It would help if you gave more emphasis to building a homepage when it comes to selling services on Shopify. Your home page should be designed convincingly so that customers can get more interested in your services visiting the homepage. For example, you can add testimonials or positive reviews of your previous customers on the homepage so that people can be inspired to take your services. People have the tendency to seek proof of the worth of your services. As services cannot be tasted before experience them, testimonials and reviews of previous customers build trust and motivate new customers to make buying decisions.


Step-3: Share your story on the “About Us” page 

Every business has its own story. If you want to tell your story to your customers, the about us page is the best place to do. When customers feel interested in services, they want to know more about your brand values, mission, etc. Place your brand story using proper text and images on the about us page is a great way to give visitors an idea about your brand. Moreover, you can introduce your fantastic team members, and brief descriptions about them will help you make a friendly and welcoming gesture to the visitors.


Step-4: Sell services just like products

You can sell your services just like products. Add your services as products on Shopify, but make sure you uncheck the box “This is a physical product” from the shipping section. Although benefits are intangible, you can add images of physical evidence and detailed descriptions of your service to clarify your offerings to your customers. Convince your customers to take your services. You should add more information in the reports to make it more compelling for your customers to influence them to make buying decisions quickly. Do not forget to add the benefits and positive results of your services.

Step-5: Give more options to customers 

Providing customized services is a great chance to attract customers. You should set variants and options of your services to pick the suitable one based on their personal needs. This kind of flexibility helps to target more customers. Make sure you are showing the price for different variations of your service. You can also give more freedom to your customers by enabling a facility for custom requests.


Step-6: Utilize apps if necessary

Shopify allows you to use apps when you need some additional features in your store. As you are planning to sell services, you can utilize the apps to serve your purpose appropriately. When it comes to selling services on Shopify, you can try booking apps, personalizer apps, and others to make your offerings more lucrative to your customers. You will need apps to personalize services or create more options for your customers.


Step-7: Check mobile responsiveness

At present, the majority of your customers are using mobile to visit your Shopify store, you should ensure that your site is perfectly mobile optimized. You may see a tremendous bounce rate of your site, stay less time on your site, no one browsing multiple pages of your site, and so on. All of these can be caused because of poor mobile optimization. To overcome this issue, you must ensure that your site is perfectly mobile-optimized. It will not only solve these problems but also generate more traffic to your website. Moreover, people tend to search for local services with their mobiles. So, making your Shopify store mobile responsive will help you more customers for your service.

 Shopify can be the best platform for your online store whether you plan to sell products or services. I believe that the steps I have shared will help you understand how to sell Shopify services. Besides, it has answered your question, “Can you sell a service on Shopify?”. So, now you are confident enough to start selling services on Shopify and take your business to the next level. 

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