15 Modern and Luxury Shopify Themes in 2024

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are paid shopify themes worth it Modern and Luxury Shopify themes

Why do Shopify store owners look for modern and luxury Shopify themes for their stores? Are paid Shopify themes worth it?

That’s simple. If your website is not updated and trendy, you will lose customers. Believe it or not, your visitors will start judging your website as soon as they enter your site. So to win your potential customers, you need to keep pace with the change and update your Shopify store.

Now back to the second question, “Are paid Shopify themes worth it?” Yes, Shopify paid themes are worthy for several reasons. Especially if you are a non-tech person, you should get a paid Shopify theme. Generally, Shopify paid themes have more features that allow getting more customization to your Shopify store. You do not need to make any change in code if you have a paid Shopify theme. 

When it comes to finding an attractive Shopify theme, you need to consider the look of the theme and its responsiveness and functionality. Your theme should have an eye-catchy design to draw the visitors’ attention. Having one of the luxury Shopify themes in your store may help you attract visitors. No matter what your product or service is, you need to make your audience attracted to your website, stay longer, and browse your items.

To make a list of modern and luxury Shopify themes in this article, I give more focus on modern features and the luxury look of themes. You will find that all the themes are Shopify 2.0 compatible and good for building modern and luxury Shopify stores.

Let’s see the modern and luxury Shopify themes in 2024

1. Pesto – Shopify Restaurant Theme

fastest Shopify theme

Pesto – your go-to Shopify theme for food and restaurant businesses. With its modern and fancy showcase, boasting stylish design, vibrant colors, and delightful images, including dedicated sections for delicious dishes, this theme is irresistibly attractive. Plus, enjoy the convenience of enlarged screenshots in lightbox for a closer look.

But that’s not all. Pesto is conversion-focused, featuring collection lists, food galleries, product pages, and an easy-to-navigate menu board, ensuring your visitors don’t miss a thing. Enlarge screenshots in lightbox for added engagement.

And the best part? Pesto is fully responsive and customizable. Explore over 30 sections for a flexible design experience, with easy-to-follow documentation ensuring a seamless journey for both you and your customers.

2. Pesto – Shopify Coffee Theme

Coffee & Restaurant Theme

Introducing Pesto – your ultimate Shopify theme for food and drink businesses, specifically tailored to highlight your coffee and beverage offerings. With its chic design and captivating visuals, including dedicated sections for mouthwatering dishes and irresistible drinks, Pesto ensures your menu shines. Plus, enjoy seamless navigation and customization options to make your coffee and drink items stand out effortlessly.

3. Brator 

Brator Shopify Auto Parts Theme

Brator is an eye-catching, clean, modern, and fully responsive Shopify theme for auto parts stores. This is one of the best modern and luxury Shopify themes available at Themeforest in 2022. People get attracted to the smoothness of this luxury Shopify theme. This highly customizable Shopify theme allows you to design your store based on your preference. The built-in live search and advanced search options of the theme help the users to find their desired auto parts instantly. This theme is compatible with Shopify online store 2.0. As a result, you can enjoy a smooth experience using Brator.

4. Kalles

are paid shopify themes worth it Kalles Shopify theme

Kalles is a multipurpose Shopify theme that is good for creating an eCommerce store. This theme offers the users to enjoy its luxurious design and flexibility. If you are looking for a high-quality Shopify theme at a higher price, then this should be on your bucket list. Using the theme will change your perception regarding paid themes and you will not ever ask the question “Are paid Shopify themes worth it?”

5. Gecko 5.0


Gecko 5.0 is a clean and luxury Shopify theme that uses creative design to catch people’s attention. This theme is exceptionally good for the dropshipping store. If you have dropshipping business in your mind, you can use the theme to lunch and manage them properly. Being one of the fastest themes for Shopify, it will keep your store faster and ensure a better user experience.

6. Elessi

Elessi Shopify luxury theme

Elessi is a clean, modern, user-friendly Shopify theme that is perfect for building a fashion eCommerce store. You will be able to launch your store within a short time using the luxury theme in your Shopify store. The theme is built considering the customer experience in mind. Your customers will get unique compare, unique product filtering, multiple ajax off -canvaswishlist, cart sidebar and many more.

7. Molla

Molla Shopify luxury theme

Molla is a multipurpose responsive Shopify theme and niche eCommerce template perfect for creating a modern eCommerce store. The theme has 20 unique demos for different niches and ultimate feature variations for category and product detail pages. You will find the desired demo that will match your needs if you get the theme.

8. Basel

Basel Shopify Luxury theme

Basel is one of the most professional minimalist AJAX responsive and luxury Shopify themes that helps you create a fully functioning e-commerce website. This theme has an easy drag & drop page builder, various theme settings and options, including premium sliders. Using this, you will be able to create a powerful store that looks and works perfectly on any device.

9. Codo 


Codo is a modern minimalist Shopify theme with all the necessary features for an eCommerce store. The simplicity and cleanliness of this theme will show the true luxury of your Shopify store. In addition, this theme is super fast and completely mobile-friendly, ensuring a better user experience for your users.

10. Foxic 


Foxic Shopify theme is the perfect solution for you if you are looking for a flexible and comfortable theme to customize according to your wish. In addition, the luxury UI design will attract visitors and inspire them to make a purchase decision. So, the Foxic theme is great for converting your visitor to your ultimate customers.

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11. Electro 

Electro Electronics Store Shopify Theme

Electro is a responsive, modern, and luxury Shopify theme perfect for gadgets and digital stores. This functional theme is just something you need to showcase your electronic items to your customers. If you need to build a multi-language supported online store, the electro theme will fulfill your demand. Even if you use Shopify apps that support multi-language, you will experience a smooth integration using the Electro Shopify theme.

12. Shopmall


Shopmall is one of the modern and luxury Shopify themes with thousands of smart features. The awesome UI/UX design makes the user spellbound to stay on the website. You will find numerous layouts and styles to build the store according to specific requirements. You can save a lot regarding website building and design by using the ultra Shopify theme Shopmall. You can enjoy the complete freedom of your website using configuration settings so that you can change the mega menu, banner, site content, images, products, collections, and more that is best for your store.

13. Avone 


Avone is a fully responsive premium Shopify theme with a great design and extensive functionality. This powerful theme has 1000 theme options, making it the most customizable Shopify theme. You can craft almost any design you have on your mind and shape them into reality. You should take a look at5 the features of the theme if you are planning to create a luxury eCommerce store on Shopify.

14. Vegist 


Vegist is a luxury eCommerce Shopify suitable for vegetable stores, vegetable shops, organic food, supermarkets, and grocery stores. This theme can be used for electronics, fashion, tools, and mobile accessories. The theme has multiple grids, list options, custom product filters, advance mega menu, vega menu, wishlist, sales popup advertise, ajax add to cart, sticky cart, direct checkout, and product countdown that you use the theme for multi-purposes. In addition, it has a multipurpose home page with box and RTL supported.

15. Timekeeper 


Timekeeper is a beautiful Shopify theme for luxury watch stores. This modern Shopify theme offers special options regarding dropshipping. You will be able to perform affiliate marketing easily using the theme. Using the Timekeeper theme, you will run an eCommerce store of branded or non-branded luxury watches. Luxury Shopify themes like this can display your products more, grab more customers’ attention and even trigger them to purchase your products.

16. Decolite


Decolite is a fast & elegant responsive Shopify theme best for light stores. Similarly, you can use the theme to create designer lamp studios, led light stores, hanging chandelier stores, solar systems, luxury light shops, lighting companies, and all other outdoor & indoor light decoration and services on eCommerce websites. Furthermore, you can customize the theme easily to meet your required look with the help of the Shopify drag and drop editor.

17. Sirius 


Sirius Shopify theme is packed with the best features to build eCommerce stores. This theme is perfect for the eCommerce stores that sell handmade furniture, chandeliers, jewelry, etc. You will get numerous home layouts designed to match any modern business. There are various ways to customize the theme, especially for dropshipping. The interesting thing is you can customize the theme without any coding knowledge. Pre-styled page templates and sections will make your customization process easier and faster.

Bonus tips: As you are here, you are planning to create a modern and luxury Shopify store. Besides the theme, you can use a slider app like Slider Revolution to create eye-catchy hero images, product sliders, collection sliders, carousels, and so on to grab the attention of your visitors. Remember, visuals have the power to make people buy your products within a second.

Now, I believe that you have the answer to “Are paid Shopify themes worth it? Moreover, you know why the store owners prefer modern and luxury Shopify themes for their stores. You cannot deny the importance of visuals when selling products online. However, your chance of converting more visitors to actual customers greatly depends on your store design. So, having modern and luxury Shopify themes in your eCommerce store will elevate your chance of success.

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