10 Strategies for Improving Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate

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In the e-commerce business, it’s the ultimate combination of product quality and how you attract your potential customers to buy your products. Both are necessary, Basically what you are doing to funnel your visitors to purchase your products determines how good your conversion rate is. So what is the conversion rate? Conversion rate means It is the ratio of targeted audiences that turn into customers which we express as a percentage. Let us give you a clear view by showing you an example. If your website has a 3% conversion rate, that means in every 100 people at least 3 people are making an attempt to buy any product or purchase products and they become your success. Now we are going to reveal some secret strategies for you to improve the ecommerce conversion rate.

1. Always use high res image and video

Visualization is more important than anything. An image can represent 1000 words. If you can represent your purpose properly by using good kinds of illustrations and images, there is a pretty good chance you can attract your visitors easily and made them your paid customers. Using a video whenever it is necessary is also a good strategy to improve the e-commerce conversion rate. Just make sure you are using enough clear images and well-edited videos to represent your products to your visitors to raise their interest. It is the first secret strategy for improving the conversion rate. The more aesthetic you can be, the more variation you can create.

2. Improve the site speed

Your visitor’s interest mostly depends on site speed. If the site speed is more than 2 secs you can loose up to 62% of your potential audiences. That because who wants to face a slow site loading time when they can have some really fast loading experience from other sites. Be wise on that matter. It depends on which plugin you are using for boost up and the hosting plan of yours. Always try to choose a good hosting service. They can easily ensure you a good website loading speed and optimize your site from time to time.

3. Do the Seo, get the job done

Most of the job can be easier to improve the e-commerce conversion rate of your e-commerce shop just by doing the best SEO optimization possible. Seo is like a messenger of business. It will spread the news of your product all over the web widely. Without SEO you are nothing on the web. No one will know you ever exist. Give some priority on-page and off-page SEO. Also, update your keywords from time to time and work on conversion rate optimization factors to keep an update.

4. Keep the price reasonable

Product pricing is a much more important issue that is ignored by many. Always try to keep your price reasonable than others. It’s not like you won’t get the profit first. It’s like you need to keep the price at a moderate level so that your customers find it more acceptable than others. That will helps you win over your competitors to make some great sales.by making a difference in the prize planning you can easily get some good conversion rate and that will ensure your sell even more. It’s all about product prize in the end that matters most to the customers.

5. Be available for all kinds of platforms

In this era of technology, many people with many devices. Some prefer tab for surfing the web, some prefer phone and other desktop or laptop. Just keep in mind that if you want to get some real conversion rate it is a clever move if you go full responsive to your website. It means your website will be visible equally on any kind of device. It is a very good strategy to improve the e-commerce conversion rate.

6. Free shipping

It is not an offer that everyone that easily. But as a matter of fact, it is preferable for many customers. I mean it is sometimes so much burden for anyone to pay the extra shipping, especially who is buying your products overseas. Try to offer free shipping over a big product. That will create a big impression on your customers and they will always try to make another purchase because of these simple features. You can gradually earn some good visitors because when they will hear about the free shipping it will make them come to your site.

7. Make an impression by your site

Your website is the first impression. There is a say “The first impression is the last impression” The more simple and eye-catchy your website will be, there is more possibility of engagement. Always try to keep a simple UI design that will not be hard to use for any kind of user. The color combination plays a great role in attention. If you can manage all the featured on one page that would be the best for everyone. Designing your website always plays a major role in the improvement of conversion rate. Use various kinds of attraction click button and header and hover.

8. Less step, more happiness

It is a matter of concern nowadays that in maximum ecommerce shop they don’t pay attention to their whole process. A customer has to go through a lot of steps to purchasing anything. Always try to ease the pain of going through a lot of processes. Like you can try to implant one-click purchase like amazon if possible. That will be less easy and they will come for more as they don’t have to face many processes to purchase. Also keeping an option for a guest visit is a must. forcing any audience to register for your site is never a wise step.

9. Keep a review section

There is nothing better than a review. Before buying anything we all are seeking a review. Is it good or bad? Our people love it or hate it. Tons of questions appear in our minds. After reading reviews many of these questions got the proper answer and we can decide whether we will buy it or not. If your website has a review section then it will be more crystal clear to your customers what they are buying. It will work as a working live certification. All the new visitors can read them and judge your site is enough for them or not. They can easily decide whether their purchase will be a successful one or a failed one. This is a very positive strategy to improve the e-commerce conversion rate.

10. Make sure it is secure

Safety is always the first concern to everyone. If you can make sure your customer’s data are safe and they can rely on your website easily. Make sure you have install SSL plugin, your domain hosting is from a good company and all the site security is okay to go. That’s how you can make feel your precious customers feel like home.


Without increasing conversion rate nothing is possible in ecommerce business. We just shared some working strategy for your business that can be fruitful enough and hope so you can make some good sell and make your business full of sweetness.

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