Top 10 reason to choose Prestashop for your e-commerce business

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During this epidemic, we can feel the very necessity of an e-commerce platform. We can’t ignore the fact that online businesses save a lot of life during this pandemic by serving us relentlessly. Our world is changing. Shopping is no more is a hard task to do. All we need to do is click a link and boom. So if we want to build an e-commerce shop on our own in small quantities or a big scale we need a platform. Prestashop is a newly rising e-commerce platform for you which has earned a lot of applaud from many people around the world. It earned the praise for its simplicity with elegance. It gradually takes place in people’s hearts to choose it as their e-commerce platform. Now we can focus on why we should choose Prestashop as our e-commerce platform. Without checking the facts all these words are just bluff isn’t it?  There are some good reasons why we should choose Prestashop. Let us discuss in short and enlighten you with the amazing facts about Prestashop.

1. Anyone Can use it:

Before choosing a platform, the first thing you need to know is that can you control it or you need a helping hand to operate it. If you can use it on your own, the best outcome is easily acceptable. Prestashop provides you the simplest and easy admin control over your website. You don’t need to have any coding knowledge at all to operate your small or medium online shop. If you dug into deep for coding knowledge, maybe a little bit it will be a more privilege for you. But if you don’t know anything about code it’s ok. Prestashop will provide you a good easy to go user performance.

2. Seo friendly:

In online business Seo is the king. You need to be sure if your platform is fully SEO optimized. Otherwise, you cant be able to get enough traffic. The other reason you should choose Prestashop is that it is totally SEO friendly. When you use it, you will automatically get organic traffic which is good for your site health.

3. Versatility:

You can use this awesome Prestashop in your multiple e-commerce sites. And the beauty is that you can control them in one place. That means no need to handle much control no more. In one control panel, you can easily maintain your multiple business sites.

4. Easy customizable:

You can decorate your kingdom as you wish. You can add a header or footer and many more widgets according to your need. It can be easily done by drag and drop feature. No need to know anything about design too. This is another reason you should choose Prestashop.

5. So many options:

There are so many options for anyone if they want to make feel comfortable. Prestashop is providing you the opportunity to create many options for your e-commerce site. You can enable the ultimate options for your online shop easily.

6. It’s for global engagement:

many of us know the importance of global engagement in any business. It takes a lot of effort and sacrifice to do it. But many platforms don’t allow the global business. There is some bounding about that. Many of them can’t provide the payment gateway or backup service for it. Prestashop provides you the power to break the global barrier for your business. Prestashop will give you enough privileges to make your business online and will help to break the geographical barrier. It has options for various kinds of language support, payment gateway system, and a lot of options for doing the international business.

7. Lifetime free support:

For the small and medium types of e-commerce shops it is so much burden to get paid technical support for their e-commerce shop. Besides its not always available to everyone because of much crowd. Your small or medium business has to wait. This delay can hamper your business a lot. Prestashop has a beautiful large support team. They are always trying to help you in your emergency 24/7. Besides they provide free service to small and medium businesses. And yes it is a lifetime. It has no limits and its free. So what can be sweeter than this?  You need more good reason to choose Prestashop as your e-commerce platform?

8. Always gives the update:

Prestashop’s dev team is much dedicated to their work. They always trying to invent something that will be fruitful for many. The amazing fact about Prestashop is that they always give an update. It can be a bug fix, maybe some major changes to the platform for betterment. But the thing is they never keep their platform backdated. So you don’t need to worry about being updated. You will always get the updated version and can keep your business updated from time to time.

9. The server can take anything like a Superman:

Having a worthy is a blessing in online business. You want more traffic, you want more sell. So gradually when a lot of traffics will bypass into your server, if your server is not good enough it will crash, slow down. It’s one kind of disaster for your business. A server with the capability to handle thousands of traffics every second. Like a superman, It must be able to take anything or face anything. Prestashop will provide you a good hosting with a good domain. Their hosting service will handle the traffic easily and the site speed is awesome. These two things ensure a good amount of traffics which is good for your business.

10. For all Platforms:

It is fit for all platforms. You can access your website from any kind of device you want. It is mobile-friendly. Recently mobile users increased globally in the use of the internet. So it will be a great privilege for you to get many more clients to form all kinds of platforms.


We just sorted here some good reasons why you should choose Prestashop. If you are just started a business and want to progress without facing much trouble Prestashop can be your first choice. You can rely on it without any hesitation. Maybe Prestashop is the new future of e-commerce business for you. So why miss the opportunity of using the future privilege in the Present?

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