How to Start a Shopify Blog

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A blog on Shopify is a great idea if you can find opportunities in SEO. For this, you will have to write articles in this blog as well as work on your entire site and product sheets. Shopify is a site known for doing business online. But did you know that it was possible to create a Shopify blog? More and more people are now using this alternative for various reasons.
Blogging on Shopify is great if you can find opportunities in SEO. This is natural referencing. To achieve this, you not only need to write good articles in this blog, but you also need to work across your entire site and your listings. Many users don’t have the idea of how to start a blog on Shopify. So, it can be a good deal for them.

Now that you know it, what are you waiting for? From this article, you can easily discover the steps to create a blog on Shopify.

What is Shopify?


Shopify is an online commerce platform that operates in SaaS mode. It is based on a proprietary model that gives businesses and individuals the opportunity to create and manage their online stores themselves. Shopify’s platform offers a lot of features for people who blog with Shopify. It allows traders to:

  • Manage their stocks
  • Make modifications to the HTML and CSS codes of their blog
  • Make discounts and promotions on prices
  • Manage online payments with Paypal, bitcoin, or usual credit cards

Shopify’s Mobile App

In 2009, Shopify created its App store and its API platform. This platform aims to allow the creation of applications for Shopify electronic stores. Customers of this platform can then purchase these applications through the Shopify app store.

When Should You Choose Shopify?

You are thinking of doing business online but do not have enough means. You also don’t know if people will like your products, so Shopify is the best solution.

If You Plan to Do Traditional Online Commerce

Believe that you want to do traditional online business. In other words, you want to buy a stock of products that you will resell in your online store. In that case, Shopify is a great way to help. Indeed, Shopify’s e-commerce platform is very well suited to beginners who are getting into this field insofar as it allows you to learn e-commerce in practice. This will be done just for a few hundred dollars a year.

Subscribing to Shopify also allows you to easily create an online store. You also have the possibility to choose a theme adapted to your activity. Shopify provides the right solution for any e-commerce beginner.

If You Are Planning to DropShipping

Do you know about dropshipping? It is a sales mechanism that connects three parties (the supplier, the seller, and the customer). In this system, the supplier delivers the product directly to the customer.

If you have already heard of it and want to start this adventure, Shopify is the best-known ideal solution in terms of creating a dropshipping site. The platform was overwhelmed when many merchants embarked on this new sales system. The advantage with Shopify is that it is very easy to create a store without really mastering the technical aspect that this involves. Also, the Shopify developers have worked a lot on the user experience so that nothing disturbs customer purchases. As a result, the platform is very fast, which promotes a good user experience.

When Should You Stop with Shopify?

The SAAS system is very beneficial when it comes to getting started in online business. Clearly, it allows you to create an online store without having real technical knowledge. It also allows you to invest with a monthly subscription without paying a large sum to create an e-commerce site.

On the other hand, at a certain stage, it would be preferable to change Shopify (with SAAS mode) to turn to other solutions in an open-source mode such as Magento and Prestashop. Indeed, when you have increased your turnover per month, it will be preferable to devote yourself to a store that belongs to you alone. You will therefore have to invest in creating an online store that fully matches your image.

When Can You Use Shopify to Create a Website?

In which case is Shopify suitable for creating a website? Does Shopify agree to the creation of a showcase site or for the creation of a multilingual site? Does it allow you to create a blog? This part of the article helps you know when to choose Shopify website builder software?

Is Shopify Suitable for Creating a Showcase Site?

A showcase site helps you, for example, to present your company, your family, or your association. When Internet users look for information on your association or your company, the purpose of the showcase site is to ensure a presence on the Internet.

Today, it is essential for an association or a company to be present on the Internet. So to answer the question of whether Shopify is suitable for creating a showcase site, the answer is simply NO! Indeed, Shopify is a content management system (CMS) site whose area of ​​expertise is to create e-commerce sites. Because of this, Shopify has a set of features that you won’t need. Also, the Shopify system involves a very great complexity in website creation compared to other website creation software.

So, to create a showcase site, you will not need to use Shopify because this solution is not suited to your needs. To achieve your goal, you can use software like Wix or Jimdo.

Use Shopify to Create an eCommerce Site

As we mentioned in the previous point, Shopify is a platform specializing in the creation of websites for online sales. It is therefore about selling your products on the Internet.

With Shopify, you can start your online business and open your store without installing anything on your computer. The Shopify platform is a good solution suitable for people who are taking their first steps in online commerce but who have doubts about the profitability of their activity. Indeed, unlike Magento or Prestashop CMS, Shopify requires a monthly subscription in order to be used. If you choose the cheapest option, the subscription will cost you less than 400 EUROS per year, that is to say, a subscription of 29 euros per month.

The amount you will spend with Shopify is minimal compared to the large amounts you will have to spend if you choose to create an e-commerce site with Magento or Prestashop. This is so even if it will be necessary to think about creating a shop in your image and on your own account when your business becomes successful.

So Shopify is a great way to start trading online without taking huge financial risks. We recommend that you take out a one-year subscription in order to find out how your online sales business is developing. Subsequently, when your business generates enough profits, you can use them to create an online store that looks like you and that is fully adapted to your needs. Prestashop can help you with this. Especially since Shopify is making a profit margin on your sales, so it is important to consider becoming more independent when you are making more and more sales. It will also help you keep your profits in their entirety.


Shopify website builder software is a recommended solution for building a multilingual e-commerce site. Indeed, Shopify is based on WordPress, the source code of the most widely used CMS worldwide. This system allows different languages to be managed, hence its ability to translate Shopify in record time. In addition, there is a Shopify team that is quite responsive and ready to give you the information you need to guide you. It also supports you if you have difficulty translating your store into the languages ​​in which you want to offer your products.

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Use Shopify to Blog

Website builder software can also help you start a blog. Many people are increasingly using this alternative. Why? There are several reasons for using Shopify to start a blog. This includes, among other things, taking advantage of the shares or showing the seriousness of your business. But the reason that interests us the most is that creating a blog on Shopify allows you to work on the natural referencing of your blog and therefore increase its traffic.

Why Have a Shopify Blog, isn’t It Outdated?


For me too, the word “blog” sounds like the 2000s. However, it is the most powerful tool you can have for SEO on your website. Thanks to the blog, you will be able to host articles on subjects that revolve around your site or online store and attract traffic. You don’t have to do anything and work on SEO opportunities that you can find with keywordtool.io or Semrush for example!

By having patience, you will gradually get visitors who will arrive on your website and potentially buy what you are offering. I personally use blogs, I love SEO. Having one is absolutely not outdated and that’s why Shopify offers this feature

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