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Fame and success are not easy things to gain. Though they are desired by everyone. In the Shopify platform, some popular Shopify stores are become more trendy and earned more responses from many customers for their brilliant service and products. If you are a newbie on the Shopify store and want to do some real progress on this beautiful platform you need to know how the top Shopify websites start their journey. Though we all know success doesn’t come similarly but at least by following them you can try to unlock the possibility to do some real progress. We are gonna talk about some popular Shopify stores which are becoming top-selling Shopify stores in 2019 and still reigns in 2020.

Destination Towels

Ever thought revolution in online business can be made just by a towel? well, I think we don’t. But this brand “destination towel” has made its way through the online. A photographer Anthony Glick has launched this business and he designed his website by himself.

The variety of products is not so many but it is kinda exceptional. They will provide you beach towels which are printed with great graphics of nature. Those high res graphics will make you love their product. Customizable designs can be painted too on their product. The web site’s design is very much eye-catchy and a wonderful this is that the owner himself does the job of serving the customers. By knowing it the client can easily rely on their product as the owner himself dealing with them.


A man’s pride is in his beard. That’s no doubt. Though being clean shaved was a trend back in the old days. But over time, the fashion trend for a man has changed a lot. Nowadays having a stylish beard means a lot to a Fashionable man. Beardbrand is all about the care package of beard and they provide beard oil for your beard health. If you lack beard in your face this oil can help you to grow it.

They have a powerful marketing policy that is determined to engage the audience to buy their products. They prepared the best arrangements for their clients to make sure everyone can know thoroughly about the tools, kits, and products.


This is one of the finest and biggest Shopify brands in the world which has its area in 131 countries. A few years back some energetic teenagers opened it, Its all about gymnastics accessories and equipment. They keep the website simple with some awesome quality of photographs. Also, they used the feature rollover images and a customer can choose his or her size within an image. They don’t have to switch the window. It is a great advantage for them. They can get all they want on one page.

KKW Beauty

This is a beauty and cosmetics Shopify shop by Superstar Kim Kardashian.in this niche this is one of the top-selling Shopify stores. She inspires her customers and provides the service with products to get a look like her. Here she provides all types of services regarding cosmetics and beauty. This website has some marvelous ways to keep its audiences busy with the site. First of all, they set the launch date for a product, then for the out of a stock product they set the timer name “back in the sale”. Also, an audience can choose the color palate, the product that matches her skin and face in the “get the look” features. Shopify can provide this kind of advantage to this kind of shop. KKW beauty has shown that these features can earn a lot by adding to Shopify.

Kylie Cosmetics

Do we have to introduce this brand? This is one of the top 500 trending Shopify shops in the world.  Very Very popular Instagram influencer Kylie Jenner runs a business regarding lipstick. From the very beginning, she knows her main asset is her lips. So she targeted her lips as her passion and made global brand about it. Though she sells other kinds of cosmetics for eyes, eyebrows, skin also. Her website designs, the color scheme is suitable for the nature of beauty and it helps the audience to get into with the website. It has gained more attention nowadays because of using close up photos of lips of Kylie’s lips in the product.

Wallet Co

A shop that’s all about the wallet is named Wallet Co. They work with all kinds of wallets include the customize one. They have various kinds of wallets include a lightweight one and heavy ones with many kinds of functions and options. The variation of product and website design is in Black and white which combines with their business concept. ANd for their color scheme, people love to explore the website more.

They designed their website in such a pattern so that a customer can browse easily and get the precise image of the product they will buy. That will give them a crystal clear idea of what they are gonna buy. Also, you can read the product description, the review of the product given by the other users. They have a beautiful way of marketing by creating a powerful newsletter.


We just discussed some popular Shopify stores that start with a small investment or less but over time they become one of the biggest shops in the e-commerce platform. By reading the summary of most successful Shopify stores, you can find some real inspirations to make your journey more fruitful in the Shopify platform.

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