Launching a Shopify store: 5 Common Mistakes in 2024

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Launching A Shopify Store: 5 Common Mistakes

Launching a Shopify store is very exciting for any business owner. They have been through a lot of phases to finally make their stores ready to launch. It takes time and effort to create a store from scratch although Shopify has everything ready to make it easier for you. As a result, store owners often make mistakes before launching their Shopify stores. It has been seen that many businessmen regret their decisions after launching their stores.

There are some things that needed to be done before launching a Shopify store. Otherwise, you may have to do rework or additional work later. Today I am sharing 5 common mistakes that you may make before launching a Shopify store so that you can avoid these mistakes for your project.

Let me remind you of the mistakes you may make before launching a Shopify store.

1. Not removing storefront password

As long as your Shopify store is password protected, your store is not live. You can view and edit the Shopify store as admin. When you are ready to launch your Shopify store after setting every necessary thing and choose a paid plan, you may forget to remove the storefront password. This may seem silly to you but I have seen many people make this mistake. As an admin, you have been seeing your store since you started the store. That’s why there is a huge chance that you will not notice the change. Go to setting and check again whether your storefront password is removed or not.

If your Shopify store is password protected when you are ready to launch your store, you must disable this before launching the store. Otherwise, People can not see your store without the password. It is something you do not intend to happen. This is so simple that you may not even notice and that is the reason for making the common mistake. So, before launching your store, double-check that you have removed your storefront password.

2. Not Setting up a primary domain

The journey of your Shopify store begins with a subdomain such as mystore.Shopify.com. This is okay to get started and set your store up. When you are ready to go live, you will definitely need a primary domain name for your Shopify store. Your customers will search your store using your domain name. If you use a subdomain, it will make your Shopify store look less professional. Basically, your domain name will represent your brand name.

Shopify allows users to register a name directly from the Shopify cPanel or you can get a domain from a third party. You may find it less expensive to purchase a domain from a third party than Shopify. On the other hand, registering a domain from Shopify will reduce the additional struggle regarding linking a domain with hosting. It’s up to you from where you buy your domain, but make sure that you have a primary domain before launching a Shopify store.

3. Not connected with selling platforms

Nowadays using multichannel for selling products is a great advantage for business owners. When you are creating an online store with Shopify, it allows you to connect with some selling platforms such as Amazon, Wish, and eBay. You need to connect the marketplaces in your seller dashboard in order to use the multichannel facility in your Shopify store.

It is better to link these platforms before launching a Shopify store to enjoy the amazing feature. From the very beginning, you can reach your potential customers through multichannel. This will definitely bring more customers to your store and generates more sales. Give more emphasis on this and put the thing on your “To-Do” list if necessary. You will not be happy if you miss the part before launching a Shopify store and find it later.

Launching a Shopify store: 5 Common Mistakes

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4. Not Setting up notification email

Run an online store requires proper communication with customers. You should have set up a notification email before launching a Shopify store. When a customer places an order, you will get a notification through email. Later on, you should go for email marketing.

You need to collect email addresses from your visitors and make a list accordingly. If your theme has a built-in email form, you should take a look at whether the form is okay or you need to have another one. Moreover, you will love to use automated mail based on your customers’ actions. Having your automated email ready before launching your store is an added benefit for you. Many people regret it later why they forgot to set up notification email.

5. Forgetting to optimize for multiple devices

When you are designing your website, make sure the site will be responsive to all devices. All of your customers will not visit your store through the desktop. You need to optimize your website for all kinds of devices such as mobiles and tablets. Maybe most of the customers will visit your store on mobile rather than on desktop. Many Shopify store owners create amazing stores but forget to make them mobile responsive. As a result, although they create amazing stores that look great on desktop, fail to display properly when someone browses the store through mobile.

When a user visits a store and it does not give a smooth user experience, the user tends to leave the site. Statistics show that 8 out of 10 people do not continue browsing the site if it fails to display properly on their devices. It is a safe choice to test before launching a Shopify store and make sure the store looks perfect on all devices. So, before launching your store, you better double-check to ensure that your store is displayed perfectly on mobiles and tablets.

These 5 mistakes are often made by the Shopify store owners. After reading this article, I believe you will not be one of them while launching a Shopify store. If you note down the tasks during your journey of creating your Shopify store, you will be able to ignore these mistakes.

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