8 Best Reasons to Use Shopify to Grow Your Business (2024)

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Reasons To Use Shopify To Grow Your Business

Have you ever wondered what are the reasons to use Shopify to grow your business? If this thought has ever come to your mind, then you must read this article. In this era of high competition, every business has its own competitors and that’s why businesses tend to come up with better features to entertain customers. Shopify has many unique and better features that attract business owners to use Shopify. If you are unaware of the reasons to use Shopify to grow your business, this writing will give you a clear idea. So, today I am going to explain the reasons to use Shopify when there are a plethora of website building platforms available in the market.

8 Best Reasons to Use Shopify to Grow Business

1. Amazing mobile optimization facility

As the majority of internet users nowadays use mobile phones to browse the internet, your website should be completely mobile optimized. Shopify provides themes that are mobile-optimized so that your visitors may get the best user experience visiting your site.

Without mobile optimization Stores often fail to give the experience a user wants as things show quite differently and are unorganized to the users if the site is not properly optimized. Images tend to display much larger than the text or vice versa. It is a great disadvantage for any eCommerce website as people do not get what they are looking for and end up leaving the store.

2. Fast and easy configuration

When building an eCommerce site is complicated and time-consuming, Shopify made it fast and easily configurable for its users. You can have a fully functioning site with various products in a very short period of time as Shopify has made everything ready for you. All you have to do is design your store the way you want.

Building Shopify stores do not need any coding knowledge to configure the sites as it has a drag and drop editor to make it easier for the users. The time and efforts you had to give for building your site can be used for maintaining your core business activities.

3. Built-in marketing and SEO tools

Marketing and SEO are a must when you are doing business online. Without these, you will have to struggle to get more visitors to your store and increase sales.

As Shopify is perfectly designed for eCommerce, you will enjoy the built-in marketing and SEO tools in the platform. It is a great lifesaving facility for any business owner because it reduces the number of additional works. As all the tools are built-in, you will experience a seamless integration using this platform. If you used marketing and SEO tools in other platforms previously, you would be able to figure out the difference much better.

4. Strong security system

When you are running a business online, ensuring security should be one of your major concerns. No matter you have a big store or a small one when you are doing business online and making transactions, you are taking the risk of hacking your account and losing valuable information and money.

Shopify recognized the pain points of business owners and come up with a strong security system. Shopify supports SSL certification and PCI to encrypt all the data confidential and private data of the users. No matter you have a big store or a small one when you are doing business online and making transactions, you are taking the risk of hacking your account and losing valuable information and money. Shopify has its own number of processes to secure the data of businessmen and customers.

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5. First-class customer support

Shopify has an award-winning supporting team that is ready to ensure the best user experience. Their service is available around the clock so that you do not have to worry about your time zone.

Whenever you need help, the amazing support team will save your back. When you face any kind of problem that you are struggling to solve, stop moving around for solutions and just let the support team know about your query. This can be considered one of the major reasons to use Shopify to grow your business.

6. Free trial opportunity

Shopify offers a 14-day free trial opportunity for everyone who is interested to build a store in Shopify. You do not need to pay anything to try Shopify and make a decision based on your own experience. If you are confused or want to compare Shopify with other platforms, you can try this 14-day free trial.

This trail version allows you to do all the activities such as build a store, customize the design, configure the site, create content, and so on. This helps a person to see how amazing his store will look before purchasing any plan. This also helps people to take preparation and doing everything within these 14-days. When they purchase the plan their site has already ready to launch.

7. Shopify themes and apps

Shopify has its own theme library where you will get highly responsive themes for any kind of store. You can use a free theme, to begin with, if you do not want to add money. You can also go for a paid theme that has the special features you need to build your store.

Shopify app store is also enriched with countless apps that you can use in your store for specific features. You will find apps for almost everything you are planning to add to your store. You have to pay additional charges if the app you are using is a paid app. Trust me, these apps are worthy of spending additional money.

8. Operate both virtual and physical stores

 If you have a business that you want to run with both virtual and physical stores, Shopify POS will be the best choice for you. You will be able to sell online and in-person with the help of POS.

It will open endless opportunities in front of you to take your business to next level. It enables many features that are not only good for you but also good for the customers. You will get features such as order and product management, smart inventory management, in-store analytics, personalized marketing, frictionless return and exchange, and so on.

With these amazing features, Shopify has won the heart of business owners. Its unique and effective features are very helpful to grow your business. So, go ahead and build your store in Shopify as you have known the reasons to use Shopify to grow your business.

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