How to start dropshipping on Shopify in 2020

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As you know Shopify is a wonderful e-commerce platform. It doing favors to the millions of small, medium, and large online shops. Shopify and other e-commerce providing a new feature that can help you to earn a lot of money. That is Dropshipping. It is a new way of affiliation. In this way, you can earn a huge amount of cash. But to achieve that you need to follow some steps which will gradually guide you to the goal of earning by Dropshipping by Shopify. Today I am gonna talk about the simple guide on how to start dropshipping on Shopify. By this article, you will get a crystal clear idea about the actual process about how to build a Shopify dropshipping business from scratch.

At first, you need to create an account in Shopify to do dropshipping there. There is tons of nice tutorial on how to create an account in Shopify. It is simple and easy. You don’t have to face any trouble opening an account. now let us talk about how to do dropshipping on Shopify.

Set Your mind focused on a certain Point:

First thing first. It is your mindset. In Shopify dropshipping you need to focus, concentrate. You can’t be distracted by other things while you are thinking about Shopify dropshipping. The only thing you need to consider to be done is all about your dropshipping project. Success won’t come in a day or two. It needs a lot of efforts and plans. But to be successful as others in dropshipping you need a mindset like a pro. That is the main key to your success.

 Read more case Study and earn more inspiration:

Inspiration is like a portion of food for your journey on any mission. Its like fuel for your engine of the brain. You cant reach your goal without the agility of your spirit. Your working spirit needs inspiration always. A good way to gather inspiration is to read the case study of successful dropshipping marketers. By studying them we can measure the risk, the amount of effort we have to give behind a product, how did they did the marketing, and deal with the customers. How they grew their business from scratch.

Select your niche:

okay!! Now er are in the main dish of our food. Selecting your niche. It is about what kind of products under what category you are gonna sell. This is very important. Cause your plan, strategy, your mindset, your focus everything will be affected by your niche. Such as you want to work with the product regarding baby products. Then you need to know the major things about them, what are the good diapers, good baby food or about the good way to make a baby healthier. A simple recommendation is that always select a niche that is suitable for your interest and passion. Cause that’s the way you can get into the deepest of a niche. And get the best result out of it. You can also naturally acknowledge about your targeted customers. So we can say niche selection is a major part of your Shopify dropshipping. It is the everything of dropshipping. 

Prepare the website properly:

Your website is like your battlefield. Your kingdom. A kingdom without proper planning cant is your ideal battlefield. So you need to get ready with a proper standard website. Firstly find a name that is suitable for your niche. People can easily recognize your niche only by seeing your name on the website link. Then you need to select a good domain and hosting service which is the best for an e-commerce site. That will be the best option for you to guide a Shopify dropshipping. Design the website with a proper theme and try to make it mobile-friendly. A catchy and stylish design will always get the attention of anyone and they will visit your site and there is an 80% chance they will purchase something. So preparing your website properly is another key to success. Most successful dropshipping websites are gaining more profit for the beauty of their website. 

Be a pro on Your product:

Know your product, Know every inch of your product. Where can u get them easily, Where the prize is much reasonable, who can give you a product any time. You need to know everything. Also, you need the varieties of your quality product. That’s how you can serve your customers properly with actual knowledge. Always make sure you have sufficient product sourcing source in your hand. SO that you won’t ever be out of options.

DO the Seo properly, don’t miss the chance by avoiding:

Seo is like a life source of any kind of any online business. Without SEO your website will be like a water drop in a Sea. If you want to be a blue whale in the sea of the internet, You need a damn good SEO. Do the SEO properly to bommify(!) your business. Always check the content, whether its SEO optimized or not, keep the loading speed to a minimum, try to make some good content to engage more audience to increase the traffic. The more traffic you get, the more sale you can make. Always try to keep a balance between On-page SEO and off-page SEO.


Dropshipping is a new revolution in affiliate marketing. For any starters, this article will come in handy to build a Shopify dropshipping business from scratch. We just tried our best to make our audience understand that we can do by doing dropshipping on Shopify. Though there is a ton of courses, articles about it a few can serve the simple facts to the beginner. This is basically for beginners. By this Beginners will get the effective fruit of their effort we hope so.

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