20 Low-Investment Business Ideas

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Business is always better than job at any point. We can say A human can function better of his potentials in business more than in a job because the nature of business is like this. You can think as you want and can take any kind of risk to make that come true. In this era of Technology, business nowadays can be conducted online too. You can simply use your desktop or laptop to control a company. Here are 20 low investment business ideas that can be started with a computer.


As a smart business, blogging is now so much popular. Every day a minimum of 4 million published on the internet. What is a blog? To be specific, a blog is a way to make people know about anything by editing a post on a website. People can earn knowledge by researching a particular niche. Blogging is not only necessary but also mandatory to grow any kind of business on the internet. By blogging, people can get to know about any products, about its pros and cons, and they can make decisions about it.


Among the low investment business ideas, dropshipping is one of the popular business ideas all time. In the drop shipping, you don’t need a big store to sell your product. Actually, all you need is a website and a provider who will give you the support to sell it to the consumers. In this business, you just need to be similar to a third man who will buy the product from a supplier and sell it to the customer. Dropshipping is an excellent way to sell any kind of product online.

Virtual Assistant

Think you can talk and give enough support about anything for a company? Then you can do it for money too. You can be a virtual assistant. Basically, the task of a virtual assistant is many. Like make a client understand the products, check mails, doing some basic design about posts, make some announcements on social media for promotion. There is some right place for finding a job about virtual assistants. In Upwork, Fiverr, People per hour, you can easily find this kind of task. This is an excellent low investment business idea.

Graphic Design

If you have some necessary skills in adobe photoshop and adobe illustrators, you can easily earn some right amount of money by doing some graphic design tasks. Now a day’s photo retouch, background removing, manipulation get a significant demand in the online marketplace. Also, for any kind of company or brand logo is a must option to represent it. Your computer can handle all these graphics related work if you have some skills in graphics design.

Online Dating Consultant

It is not a common task that everyone can do, but still, it is a preferable business if you can do it properly. And you can do it easily on your computer. Generally, in this task, you need to set up one’s online dating profile in order so that people can get some perfect match, suggest to them what they should talk about and what approach they need to take. These are the things tinder wouldn’t provide anyone. It can be a good business idea, which is a low investment business idea.

Freelance writing

Nowadays, tonnes of people are making an appearance on the internet. Small to large scale businesses are sprouting continuously everywhere. Website owners need content about their products or services so that they can deliver strong information and reach more people. Another important factor is, quality content lets you rank in google. So, people are desperately searching for freelancers, specifically writers to make them good content. As a fact, if you have decent knowledge and skill in expressing your thoughts to others, Freelance writing may become your next low investment business idea. Just a computer or even a tablet pc would be sufficient in this job.

Social Media Specialist

Do you have the experience of managing social media platforms? Do you know tricks to boost posts, products, or content using social media sites? If you have the skill, then Social Media specialists can become your best low investment online business. Everyone’s somehow connected to social media these days, and the activity time crosses even the business hours. So, any business can be rapidly boosted through social media platforms. But there is a catch in it. The question is not whether it is hard or not, but the right question is, which way is it? The right amount of push at the right corner can overturn objects of any size. That’s why a social media specialist has his ways to boost your business through proper channels.

Personal Computer Training

Believe it or not, more than one-third of the global population doesn’t know how to operate a computer. Normally, there are agencies available to provide training for these cases. But there is not enough manpower in this field. So, if you know how to operate a computer, have decent knowledge about Microsoft office, excel, power-point, have skills in data shorting, then you can start online training sessions to provide computer training to individuals. It can be a very effective low investment business idea that you can apply.

Web Design

The year 2020 has been both a curse and a blessing to us. Thousands of regular businesses have been shut down due to inactivity. Instead, thousands of online businesses have come forth here. As a result, very high demand for Web designers can be seen in the market places. Web designing doesn’t cost you very highly to learn but it does costs you high to hire a web designer. Learning web design is not easy, there’s a ton of things you need to put inside your memory and adapt with coding and stuff. That’s why if you are a hardworking person, Web Design may be the best low investment high outcome business idea for you.

Makeup Consulting

If you are a professional makeup artist, you obviously know tips and tricks about makeup. There are 3.6 billion women in the world and makeup is a necessity to them. So, put your knowledge on the line, do videos and blogs about tips, ideas, choice of products online, and earn a decent amount of cash through consulting others about makeup. Also, you can sell products or get commissions by branding specific products on the same stage. This is a pretty good low investment business idea for you.

Research/Fact checking

Not everything is available on google. There is a lot of information that you need to obtain through direct/mobile contact with specific persons. That’s is why many industries lookout for people who can obtain this information on their behalf. So, pick up your mobile, contact buyers/sellers for statistical data, reports, etc and sell them to the clients for a hefty price. This business may cost you a bit initially but still, it’s a low investment business idea.

Speaking and Presentation Coaching

Many people suffer from anxiety and terror when they try to speak in front of the audience. These mostly happen to teenagers and young businessmen from time to time. This is a problem that can be turned into a business. If you know how to motivate others through inspirational speech, get your pc online and start coaching on speaking and presentation. Write a good speech or presentation, and have your client practice those. Additionally, motivate them so that they can feel ease when speaking in front of others. This is a good low investment business idea and a more practical one.


Podcasting is not an easy way to earn money. The goal here is to engage the audience towards you. The number of listeners varies due to your service quality. A small number of engaged listeners is more valuable than a large number of passive listeners. Additionally, you can’t be thinking of selling a few ads on the podcast and live off by it. The podcast community is huge and one needs to ensure quality over quantity. That’s how you can make a good low investment business out of podcasting.

Music Teaching

Music is one of the best forms of entertainment in the world. Wherever you may go, you have music from every nation across the world. Most schools arrange music programs for kids at a certain point. There can be recitations, vocals, instruments, etc involved. This is your good chance to open a music teaching school and teach kids from your home. You don’t have to invest a lot but a good amount of time for studies. This is a perfect low investment business idea you can apply.

Foreign Culture Consultancy

Big foreign industries often hire large manpower from other countries. People need to face the fact that staying in a foreign country is not so easy. To begin with, a different culture always makes it difficult for people to adjust to it. Let’s view this point from another angle. Suppose you are a travel lover and you love to learn things about foreign countries. Now, you can open a foreign culture consultancy where you can teach people about the culture, ways of life, law and order, etc of the foreign country. Like that, you can turn your knowledge into a low investment business idea.

Video Service

YouTube is one of the biggest platforms in the world that covers more than 40% of global internet traffic. Trendy videos are always a hot cake to the audience. Funny cat videos, America’s most amazing voice, top 5 things, supercars, etc are highly popular among people right now. So, if you have a decent internet connection, sit on your pc and start studying the trendy things, get adobe premiere pro and start making trendy videos on your own. This is one of the simplest low investment business ideas you can get your hands on.

EBook Writing

If you have a passion for writing and you are good at telling stories, then this is the perfect business opportunity for you. EBook is now a trendy topic for book lovers. Instead of carrying 5-6 tonnes of books with you, simply grab thousands of books online within the phone in your pocket. Now that the Ebook business is blooming, grab your pen and ink your thoughts and start selling books online. It is one of the passionate low investment business ideas you can adapt.

Affiliate Marketer

An affiliate job was always an easy way to make money online. Just by routing enough referrals to one of the top global markets, you can earn tens of thousands without doing anything on your own. This might be the best course of action for business minds. Feel free to grasp this low investment business idea for your future financial standings.

Data Entry

The current global market is in high demand for data entry employees. The job itself is easy but the main problem is, it is a tiring job where you have to keep inserting tens of thousands of data repeatedly into the pc. Most people don’t like this repeating action job. So, if you think you have the right resolve, you can actually earn your daily bread from data entry jobs. Feel free to imply this low investment business idea as your next career. 


Proofreading job was always a good money-making job. This job basically needs no investments at all. Just you have to know the basics of the specific language and a pair of sharp eyes. That’s all it needs. Get this low investment business idea as your career and you don’t have to switch over to anything else. 

That’s all. Feel free to suggest more ideas that you have stumbled upon with us. Thank you for reading this blog. Have a good day.

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