35 Best Free Shopify Themes For Your Online Store

Abdl Imran

Abdl Imran

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Shopify is a globally renowned eCommerce platform that is built for the fastest and the most refreshing online market experience that you could ever get. In terms of ability, Shopify offers a wide range of features that cross out the world’s most used platforms like WordPress by a large margin. You can build any kind of shop you want and get connected to the thousands of suppliers, dropshipping companies, and more with Shopify. 

Now, similar to WordPress, Shopify has themes for creating attractive looking online shops and stores. A good theme comes with a lot of additional features such as SEO optimization, image optimization, color combination, quick access keys, etc. So, to get the best out of a theme in Shopify, you need something that is powerful enough to do that. So, we have studied the marketplace and came up with the best free Shopify themes that will cost you none but benefit you in tonnes. 

Let’s begin.

  1. Fashe

Fashe is a simple yet modern theme that is best suited for fashion houses and stores. It’s a free theme but on the caliber of rivaling the premium ones on the market. Anyone will like it because of how good looking Fashe is. 

  1. Simple

Simple is a very lightweight theme best for cloth stores. The theme has just plain grids and side navigation window for quick access feature. As the name suggests, Simple is just simple. 

  1. Brooklyn

Brooklyn offers a little more than what Simple does. Of course, the full-width image slider on the background means a lot to an online shop. It’s a big plus to showcase goals or achievements and reach out for more attention. 

  1. Boundless

The Boundless theme is an excellent theme for superior customization, high responsive structure, SEO friendly, and modern style adaptation. We get that you like fashion houses to be smart and look premium. That’s why Boundless is here. 

  1. Sports Store

For creating decent online sports equipment shops, the theme creator Monstroid has brought to you, the Sports Store theme. It’s a lightweight theme, dedicated to creating shops with various products navigation system. The theme itself has less visible items on display but is very lightweight.

  1. Venture

Venture is a decent theme for Shopify. Outdoor activities such as camping, hikes, always require tools that are often sold in dedicated stores. So, design your outdoor sports shop with the Venture theme with ease.

  1. Debut

Debut theme features large images or videos of your products or brand on the landing page. The high-res low contrast background keeps your eye safe even if you keep looking on the screen for so long. 

  1. Supply

The Supply theme allows you to display a large range of products and is best for electronic and digital product shops. Thanks to the sturdy built, you can jump between categories seamlessly and enjoy the light color background on the landing page. It’s a free but awesome Shopify theme. 

  1. Focus 

Focus is a minimalist theme that was designed for selling small scale products. If you want to run small online stores like a tea shop, coffee shop, etc products with a short range of categories, then this is the perfect theme for you. 

  1. Star

Star is an outstanding theme that offers a stunning interface that even beats many premium ones. It’s mobile-responsive, has integrated google maps, product filtering, and also has smart image optimization. So, you can insert images on your website without any worries using the Star theme. 

  1. Beauty

Beauty theme is best for websites that sell cosmetic products and accessories. It’s a minimalist theme that has limited space for products. So, if you are running a small scale cosmetic shop, you should use this theme. 

  1. Annabelle

Annabelle is another free Shopify theme with a premium-looking interface. This theme is best for fashion stores. With a couple of huge image sliders, collapsed menubar, large fonts- this theme is perfect for designing websites that will catch your visitor’s attention real quick.

  1. Narrative

If you like to own a shop that sells a narrow specific list of products, then the Narrative theme is for you. It’s a minimalist theme with high definition color combinations. The default theme presents a coffee shop, and you sure would love the presentation. 

  1. Fleur De Lis 

Fleur De Lis is a multi-purpose theme that you can use to create websites like flower shop, gift shop, wedding service, hobbies & crafts, beauty & fashion shop, etc. This theme makes the best use of slider tools to display attractive products in both large and small sizes. Best for modern and prestigious website builds. 

  1. Alcohol Beverage Store

Alcohol Beverage Store theme is best for creating non-veg websites that don’t require flashy images of stunning sliders. This is for the stores that sell things as simple as beverages. This is not a minimalist theme, and it has more sections to deliver more information about your products. 

  1. Lezada

Lezada is a multi-purpose theme that brings to you a whole bucket full of templates and tools that will bring more charm to your website. As it has all those features an online store should have, you can make fashion shops, toy shops, accessory shops, and more with it. 

  1. Ella theme

If you are looking for the best theme for your fashion house website, then you have Ella theme. This is a trendy theme that has the most number of product listing options. Of course, Ella has an appealing interface as well as all every features to boost you sale in your fashion house. 

  1. Shella

Shella is a multipurpose Shopify theme with more than 80 demos/templates to offer. This theme has smart options for a mega fashion house such as multicolor selection, price ranging, search tags, etc. It’s a theme for creating direct-buy websites like Amazon and Alibaba.

  1. Fastor

Fastor is your multipurpose Shopify theme, built for delivering eye-catching outlook to your visitors. This theme has over 80 predefined demos that you can use on different niches such as beauty, fashion, foods, electronics, etc. The best thing is, here you will have 360-degree product view options available. 

  1. Porto

Porto is one of the lightest free Shopify themes. Although this theme is quite new on the market, it has gained very high popularity due to its features. Porto is regularly updated and it follows the trendy designs. That’s why your shop will look fresh and comfortable with current visitors.

  1. Woodmart

Woodmart is a minimalist theme for small shops and online stores. The theme has catalog-style sliders, side-mounted navigation, and product grids for showcasing all of your products with style. Though it is new on the market, it has much more potential than a few premium ones. 

  1. Manor

Manor is a fresh and novel theme for Shopify. Probably it is one of the extraordinary themes because of the design and appearance. Manor provides various features with the theme such as product filter, AJAX search, mesmerizing lookbook, a mega menu that will simply bloom your business. 

  1. Basel

If you are looking for something unique for your online accessory shop, we would suggest you the Basel theme. It’s free and lightweight but has so much power for business sites. Get an eyeful of the high definition graphics presented by the theme for your visitors. 

  1. Gecko

Gecko is a modern theme for fashion shops. It is designed to be a mobile responsive theme as one of the top tier premium themes possible. Gecko simply is built with highly optimized codes. So, it’s image optimized as well as SEO friendly. Additionally, you will get 15+ demos for free also. 

  1. Foodly

Foodly is one of the eVanto top-rated themes that offer the most charming interface in the market. This theme has a clean and composed interface design that is full of vibrant colors. People love to see websites as appealing as Foodly. 

  1. Elessi

Elessi is a first-class Shopify theme that is rate 5/5 due to its mindblowing appearance and super responsive behavior. This theme was built for quality user experience. It is mostly suited for fashion houses or curtain shops. Simply, Elessi is a beautiful theme for your online shop.

  1. Outstock

Outstock is the number 1 choice of both the entrepreneurs and developers. This theme stands out thanks to its outstanding and attractive appearance. Visitors will also have a pleasing experience while strolling through this theme. It has 15+ demos created for different niches. So, you can use it on multiple platforms. 

  1. Black Berry

Black Berry is one of the most versatile themes for Shopify. This theme is UX/UI optimized and very easy to navigate. This user-friendly theme has the most customization options than others on the market. Best for creating shoes, clothes, accessories stores.

  1. Handy

Handy is a clean, professional, and vintage theme for handicrafts web-stores. It has a calming interface for presenting beautiful handmade products on different niches. The theme has 20+ demos full of custom layouts, mega menu, video slideshow, and many more. 

  1. Kala

Kala is one of the best themes for Shopify due to its brilliant interface and tonnes of features provided. It has 60+ demos but still, you have the option to build your template yourself with the tools provided by the theme. It’s unique, attractive, and more to offer than most others in the market. 

  1. Minimal 

Neatly organize your products on your online store with Minimal. This is a free theme that has the most outstanding appearance on Shopify. It’s simple, minimal yet very user-friendly due to its easy-to-use interface. 

  1. Skeleton Theme

Skeleton theme is a minimal, free, and responsive theme for Shopify. Unlike others, this theme offers more customization ability instead of a charming appearance. This is not just a theme but also your next favorite workplace where you can build your web-store with passion. 

  1. Ap Office

Ap Office is a free Shopify theme which is best for creating electronics stores and shops online. This theme has a good collection of features including sliders, catalogs, navigation bars, and more. Just use it and you will know its potential.

  1. Ap Milky 

Do you want to create a milk-based product shop in minutes? Well, you can do that with Ap Milky theme for Shopify. This is one of the most advanced themes due to its colorful background, lots of features and options, and cool sliders for product display. It’s free but does a lot more than the premium ones. 

  1. Ap Bikini

Ap Bikini theme is dedicated to creating web-stores that sell bikinis and similar products in the Shopify platform. Of course, this theme is not built with a multipurpose function. So, you can get the full features of a standard bikini house in it. 


Shopify has lots and lots of features so that you can easily find what you are looking for. The themes stated here are the bests and also the free ones. So, anything you are searching for would fall into one from the list. Both multipurpose and specific niche themes are great for creating shops and stores. So, we hope that we have delivered a little piece of information that you need the most. 

Thank you for reading this blog.

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